Colors as a part of entertainment

As everyone knows how we spend our childhood with the coloring and painting books in which the coloring for various drawing is the one liked by every child. Making different colors and applying it is really fun. Painting is the one, which shows the reality than the photos. As photos are easier than the painting, in every home there may be photography because of its ease but the photography doesn’t has the quality of painting. In ancient period paintings are one of the parts of entertainment for royal people. They have artists in their kingdom and they get different paintings from them. It’s not only to entertain them but to make their generations to remember them for more period, still many precious paintings has been maintained in the museum as a remembrance. There are various forms of paintings has been evolved few are  abstract art, hyperrealism, pop art, photorealism, surrealism, conceptual art, minimalism, futurism, impressionism and fauvism.

All these paintings can fulfill your home area and make you relax while watching this kinds of paintings, Many modern paintings are being liked by teens , even the guest and other visitors in your home will get entertain if you have any paintings of clip arts and so on. For many painting and drawing by them is the only entertainment to relax their mind in a calm manner. Images speak more than a word; the keen of expression shown in paintings will give great peace of pleasure and give more patience towards that. Now many artists are available to show difference in paintings some have paintings in the form of clip arts those clip can be seen in many magazines and social websites to poke others. It is one form of entertainment for many people; even from the clip art one can recognize what the artist is trying to convey us.

There are two types in the clip art they are

Vector clip art- It has collection of points, where the dots are enlarged to give complete picture view. It has file formats of Corel, illustrator, Photoshop etc

Bitmap clip art type- It has two types one is full of dots and one is full of bits joined to give complete painting. It is not scalable and hence cannot get enlarged. It uses the extension of BMP, TIFF, PNG, JPEG, gif.

Colors play a major role in entertainment like from the home color to the personal dress colors. Even in watching films and more videos, one often attract to the color.