Entertainment with the television

Everything in this world shows some form of expression at each time and especially the two major in them are smile and sad. Being sad will spoil the health but it is not possible to smile all the time. Every living organism makes sound when they get affected by any object. No one like to get into the nature of sad, sorrow and anger because this quality of nature irritates others and people with these type of qualities often, will get rejected by many of them in the society. But think of people with full positive attitude and with more jovial, many people stick to them for their attitude. So try to be like that or try to be with the people like them.

 Everyone like to watch funny videos, especially when the whole family sit together to watch television then the comedy and fun making channel is the real one, which make the whole family members to get good entertainment. It promotes good mental health. There are many problems arise due to stress factors of job and our daily life in order to get rid out of them make use of comedy channel  and Sunday paper to relax you mind. It refreshes you to get good physical health. The several benefits of watching fun making TV shows are

1.Reduces stress hormone level

 By reducing the hormone level your anxiety level will be controlled, it plays a major role in improving the immune system. For example while working if your colleague says any funny joke then you will get rid out of your entire work stress.

2.Controls the blood pressure

As your blood pressure level is in control you get the relief from the stroke and heart related problems especially that occur due to aging.

3.Promote T-Cells

Many will say laughing is the medicine the fact behind that is the T-cells; this is because when you laugh your t cells get activated and it helps in increasing the immunity and help to fight against the sickness.

4.Provide general sense of well being

 As the research shows the people laughing more posses more positivity and live longer than the people with the negative attitude.

5.Helps to release endocrine

As endocrine is the natural pain killer secreted by our human body it helps to relive pain especially the chronic pain.

6.Workout your abs

When you laugh you muscle in stomach stretch and contract. At the same time you are exercising your body, so laugh more to get flat tummy and get rid of exercising for that. Flip to funny magazines and get good health benefits from that.