Music learning or playing musical instruments is unique way to integrate and develop creativity. Playing musical instrument may be complex because of its multi sensor devices.Playing music or musical instrument has well known emotional impact and it can bring motivation to our soul and mind. One such pleasing musical instrument is piano which help a lot to improve brain of a person.

Effect of regular music practice

In this context we will aim to study about some of the specific effect of regular music training and also we look at impact of learning piano. Our purpose is to evaluate the impact of piano training on human body function, mood and quality of life on all age persons. It has been observed that on average 4 months of piano learning is basically impacting in a positive way. It is a leisure activity that included various psychological tests along with mood relaxing classes. A significant improvement is being observed by training of music or musical instrument. In the present time many trending indicationis enhancingvisual and mental IQ of every person who is following their routine of practicing with music on daily basis.


Advantages of piano learning

There are so many musical instruments which are used for different purposes and all have different ways of playing. In that same way piano learning is different from other musical instruments. It has many positive impacts that we will learn below points.

  • Decrease depression- playing piano help in reducing depression as it has different level of relief tone and very pleasing sounds. It gives a person mental stability so that he/she can come out from daily life struggle.
  • Induced positive mood states- not only by playing piano, one can follow any kind of music to develop positive mind set in his/her body. This has been proven many times that a good music can help a person to grow as a good human being.
  • Psychological improvement- listing music, playing music or playing musical instruments such as piano can be of great help to improve as human. Psychologically a person becomes more mature.


Many results prove that learning piano and reading music can be of very useful to promote in adults. Listening music spread positivity in surroundings and fresh mind of people after so much of hectic schedule. While playing piano is also a kind of yoga as we can understand by discussing so much about its impact. So it is required that one must follow piano as it is giving so much benefits to our health. It also provide great chance for us to become a good human beings and  good citizen.

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