Most Preferred Ways to Watch Movies Online

Are you a movie buff? Wish you could watch countless movies during your free time?  Now you can.  Read this article to learn how you can watch your favorite movies without having to purchase Netflix or Amazon Prime.  You will however have to spend money to get internet connection or mobile data.

The good news is that today internet is available at a reasonable cost across the globe.  You can buy enough data to just watch the movies. Of course there are certain limitations of to watching movie for free online.  One such limitation includes not being able to watch the latest and new releases.  You are restricted to watch comparatively older movies. In this article, we will look at certain websites that are offering free movies online in a legal manner.  This means no bad quality or compromising on your overall experience.

List of websites with free movie access

  1. Crackle – An ad supported streaming of free movies and TV shows. You can switch between devices with ease and resume playback.
  2. Hoopla – You can borrow a movie to watch with 72 hours. Total number of movies permitted is considered based on specifications of your library.
  3. Internet Archive–Use internet browser to access this archive. It is home to most of the black and white movies such as Gulliver Travels and His Girl Friday.
  4. Kanopy – Originated in Australia, this video library is available in over 200 cities worldwide. It is inclusive of films, documentaries and Courses.
  5. Roku Channel–It is available on Roku devices. Here, you can find content from Roku partners such as Sony, Lionsgate, Warner and MGM and Roku channels like Popcornflix, FilmRiseand Vidmark.
  6. Tubi TV–It is available on many devices and offers content from studios such asMGM, Lionsgateand Paramount. Although it is not mandatory to register yourself on the platform, but doing so gives you many more features.

Speaking of paid subscriptions, Netflix has maximum memberships compared to its competitors.  In the first quarter of 2018 itself, Netflixhas 7.5 million new subscribers globally.  It is expected by the year 2019, 80% of online traffic will be directed towards online traffic, 85% of this will be driven by United States alone.

Other preferred reasons for using internet include online gaming, reading articles, researching and more.  Even these sectors are driven by videos or live streaming and broadcast.  People prefer to watch and listen over simply reading.

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