Your childhood is one of the most memorable parts in your life wherein imaginations are vivid and surreal. Your childhood also will remind how playful you can get. In this article, we will talk about the story and later came into a movie which is called “My Neighbor Totoro”.

Other movie hookers may describe this movie as an ethereal tale of childhood and a exhaustive work of imagination. This exquisitely animated children’s tale is directed by none other than Hayao Miziyaki, one of Japan’s most acclaimed and beloved animators.

Unfolding Interesting Features That You Might Have Missed

Let’s continue to find some fun facts about this informative movie. The name “Totoro” came from this Japanese word which means “troll”. In the previous draft, there was only one heroine, and that is Miyazaki only. The story was inspired by “Alice in Wonderland” because there are some clear equidistant between the classic tale of “Alice in Wonderland” and “My Neighbor Totoro”, there are many scenes that came from Ghibli, but there are minor characters and situations which are alike to “Alice in Wonderland”.

The story supervene in Tokorozawa City, it is an actual city in Japan which is located in the Saitama prefecture and Director Hayao Miziyaki reportedly lives in Tokorozawa. The Dark conspiracy theories that unfold, according to Kotaku there were gossips that “Totoro” is in fact, the God of death. This theory explains that only people who are close to their end or dead can see the creature.

Towards the film’s denouement, Mei gets lost and village people found a small sandal from the pond. Inaccuracy in the animation, according to some fans there are scanty inconsistencies found in the movie, but nevertheless, it’s still iconic. The explanation of the names first is the names of the two sisters are actually a play on wrangles for the “Month of May”, the name “Satsuki” is a more classical Japanese word for the fifth month of the year.

It was a double-features with the grave of the fireflies, according to Team Ghiblink, Totoro was prepensed to be too big of a financial risk, so it was initially liberated as a double-feature with “Grave of the Fireflies. It was never been nominated nor being in the list of Oscar, but it won several other awards, the film won a blast at the Kinema Junpo Awards in 1989, along with the on of the best Japanese film for the Reader’s Choice Award in the same year.

The major influences of Shintuism in the film, the primitive Japanese belief system called Shinto also motivated the movie’s development, the Shinto belief is centered reverence for the natural world. The movie inspired the creators of Disney films like Toy Story and Up, the movie had a significant impact on animated film and famous culture as a whole.

True to say that the film highlights the relationship between nature’s spirits known as kami and humans. The deep respect to nature and the Philosophy that the movie shows is apparent and valuable in Japanese culture. The movie is not for kids only, but also to the whole Family.

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