The Art of Making a Short Promotional Video Film

Of all the methods to advertise, video is by far the most powerful, as it utilises audio-visual in such a way that it brings the content to life. It might be a 10-minute film to introduce a company, or perhaps a product line, and while the end product might be short, there is an awful lot of work that goes on to create even a 3-minute commercial.

Specialist Film Production Companies

Whether you are looking for film production in Dubai or New York, Google is your best friend and will help you to locate a nearby video production company. The first thing they will do is to determine your needs, which comes with a short and informal discussion. You might already have a concept in mind, but if not, don’t worry as the film production company would have their own in-house creative design team, who would put together several concepts on a storyboard.

film production

Working to Budget

One of the first things to discuss is your budget, as this will, to a large degree, determine the scope of the film. The production company would do their best to come up with something you like and would try to do that within your allocated budget. Even a 5-minute video can be quite costly, depending on the scope and location, and once you approve the concept, they would then create the film storyboard, which is a series of pictures that depict the main scenes of the film, which will be the basis for the production.

Casting & Props

The actors and actresses to be used in the film (if there are any) would be chosen from several local agencies, and the final decision would rest with you, the client. The props would include any items that would be used and they would be sourced by the production team, then the location needs to be chosen, which might be an outdoor venue, or perhaps a studio.

The Project Director

The kingpin of the project, the director would make sure that everything is ready for the day of the shooting, and under his direction, the shooting would commence. It is expensive to film these days, with light and sound technicians and other essential crew members like cameramen and make-up artists, and for this reason, the director will do his very best to finish shooting the raw footage as soon as possible. The film director would likely have several cameras running at the same time, which gives him more options, and each scene is filmed, with as many takes as the director needs, until all the raw footage is safely recorded.

Video Editing

The nest stage is to put the film together using a digital video editing program, such as Adobe Premiere, or Final Cut Pro, and working under the director’s supervision, the technicians will gradually build up the timeline of the film. Then additional tracks such as voice overs will be added, along with professional transitions for each change of scene, and only when the director is completely happy with the end result, it the project completed.

If you would like to explore the potential of video to promote your business or products, an online search will help you locate a nearby film production company and you can take it from there.


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