4 Netflix Tips that will Change your Life

Do you think you have all the tricks to use Netflix optimally? We are about to give you some more to help you go to the next level. Netflix is ​​quite instinctive soit is easy to get convinced that you only need a cup of tea, a cozy plaid and a good deal of laziness to handle it like a boss. But it is not always the case and here’s how to become a real pro for whom the streaming platform has no secrets.

Ask Netflix to Add Content to the Catalog

Suppose you wantto watch a specific series or movie that is not an original Netflix production, and which is not in the catalog yet. Know that the platform can make your wish come true. For this to happen, just click on the “Help Center” button and select the “Request Movies or TV Shows” section in the “Quick Links” category. Add three content of your choice and Netflix will take care of the rest.

Use Codes for a Faster Access to a Specific Category

Whether you are on a Mac or a PC, there are surely shortcuts that you often use to save time. You may save only a few seconds every time, but imagine all the seconds that have become minutes and even hours that you have gained since you use these famous shortcuts. For instance, to open a new window, press “cmd” then “n”. You can also access a specific category directly on Netflix by entering a code in the URL after “https://www.netflix.com/browse/genre/CODE”.Know that all Disney movies are under the code: 67673, for example. Just make alist of all the codes you are interested in. You will just have to copy and paste afterwards.

Enhance your Netflix Audio Experience with Nahimic

Have you ever hears about Nahimic? It is a gaming sound technology produced by French engineers. Compatible with all computers, the software also allows you to watch your streaming series and movies in a better way. It is time to live an immersive audio experience with Nahimic while on Netflix. It is able to enhance the quality of the sound even if you use plain headphones or speakers. No specific hardware is needed to make it work.

Add the Enhancer Extension for a Better Netflix Experience

Installing the Enhancer extension allows you to increase the information on some VOD services like Netflix and Hulu. All you need is to download it on the chrome web store. You will be able to synchronize this extension with your Netflix environment. Plus, it will allow you to list even more categories and to have IMDB notes that will appear directly on the platform when you move the mouse overa film.

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