Thor The Movie : Complete Intro of Thor and Movie Characters

In his presence, the very skies are shaking. To safeguard Asgard and Earth, he orders the mystical hammer Mjolnir. He’s Odin’s son, Asgard’s Prince. He’s Thunder’s God. He’s just Thor. If you are a fan of Thor check out Thor merchandise.

The God of Thunder

Thor was born to Odin Borson, the King of the Asgardian Gods, and the Goddess Gaea of the Earth. He grew up under Odin’s tutelage in Asgard and trained to guide Asgard one day in his footsteps. Together with his best friends Sif, Balder and the Warriors Three, the only family he understands is his stepmother Frigga and his adopted brother Loki.

Throughout his youth, Thor tested his limitations on dangerous missions and became worthy of the Uru hammer Mjolnir, using it to save Sif from the Death Goddess Hela. While the hammer has destructive powers, it also has the authority to construct, and Thor also utilizes it to consecrate treaties and bless marriages.

He fell through a portal in Thor’s coming of age and fought the demigod Hercules. They fought equally hard until Zeus stopped their encounter, sending Thor back to Asgard and wiping both warriors ‘ memories away. Thor spent time on Earth during the 9th century, leading Vikings into a fight.

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He had a limp as a human and worked as a doctor. He came upon extraterrestrials known as the Kronans when Odin was forced to go to Norway and escaped into a cave. There, he found a gnarled cane and used it to try and escape; he struck it against a rock, and it became Mjolnir. The mallet then restored his memories and returned him to his former glory as of the mighty God of Thunder.

Enemies of God

Hela, the Death Goddess, is the daughter of Thor, best known for stealing deadly souls. She scars him across his face once Thor faces her. She also punishes him for letting go of her souls and curses him so that he can’t heal his wounds but can’t die.

Allies, Friends, Family

Odin Borson, his dad, and King of the Asgardians, his mother and Earth Goddess Gaea, and his stepmother Frigga are among the allies of Thor. His most fabulous friends are Sif buy from Thor merchandise (with whom he has intermittent romances), Balder, and the Three Warriors: Dashing Fandral, Grim Hogun, and Enormous Volstagg.

Beta Ray Bill, an alien warrior, surpasses Thor once in a fight. Odin produces a new hammer known as Bill’s Stormbreaker as a reward for his strength. Then Bill battles with Thor, the Avengers, and Fantastic Four during a fight with Surtur on Earth commitment.

Eric Masterson, an acquaintance with Sigurd Jarlson, one of Thor’s secret identities, becomes associated with Thor and acts as a cover for him. He sometimes gains control over their shared body and even assumes the codename Thunder strike. Jane Foster, a human nurse in love with Donald Blake, often finds herself wrapped in Thor’s orbit, romantically or as an ally. She also demonstrates worthy of Mjolnir and even takes on Thor’s mantle.

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