The Alien: Two Very Important Aspects

Released in 1979, the sci-fi horror film Alien Ridley Scott gave viewers something they had never seen before. The film really helped with the release of Star Wars two years earlier. When the space saga of George Lucas became the highest-grossing film in history at that time, science fiction became fashionable again, and 20th Century Fox began looking for new films in this genre. You can watch movies for free Alien now and experience the best of it.

The Studio

What studio bosses didn’t fully understand was that Scott wanted to do something completely different from the upbeat fantasy America had fallen in love with. The director created such a gloomy and bloody picture that it was unprecedented for that time. What makes the film so scary to this day is how it tests the patience of the viewer. For almost an entire hour you wait for something terrible to happen, but it does not happen. This creates stress. When, finally, the real horror begins, the level of fear is even higher than you might imagine. It’s rare that a horror film is so skillfully and efficiently controlling its key.

“Alien” is a constantly discussed classic, but around it, as well as around any classic film, there are many backstage stories, many of which you probably have not even heard of. With the help of them, we want to pay tribute to this brilliant film.

Once upon a time, the film was called “Star Beast”

Screenwriter Dan O’Bannon had a bad experience. He was a co-author and actor in “The Dark Star”, the debut film of John Carpenter, who soon became famous with “Halloween”. Partially science fiction, partly comedy, the film was rather ridiculous, especially in terms of special effects, which greatly infuriated O’Bannon. He vowed to come up with something better by creating a horror movie called Memory. It was about the crew of a spaceship that received a distress signal from a distant planet, and about an alien creature that clung to the face of one of the crew members.

O’Bannon came to a standstill, not knowing where to move this story further. He offered collaboration to screenwriter Ron Schusett, who helped come up with the third act of the plot.

The film could star Meryl Streep and Harrison Ford

Sigourney Weaver is so closely associated with the character of Ripley that it is impossible to imagine anyone else in this role. Simply put, she made the then unknown actress a star although Ripley was almost played by another actress. In the casting process, two applicants remained: Weaver and Meryl Streep, which at that time was very popular after the release of “Deer Hunter” and “Manhattan” by Woody Allen. But Streep was then experiencing a personal tragedy: her lover, actor John Casale (“Dog Midday”), had recently died of cancer. The producers felt that it would be inappropriate to get her to work at such a moment, especially on a dark horror movie where several characters die a terrible death, so they proposed the role of Weaver.

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